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Chicken/Txakolina chat RT @eaternola: Coquette chef Michael talks about his fried chicken obsession & @littlebirdnola

Chx & #Txakolina Dinner, Tues. 9/22/15, 7p #FriedChicken, sides, wine & Cava, $65 T&T incl TX CALL 504-265-0421

Thx! So happy u like! MT @NutriFocusRD: Now That's What I call #Dessert!!! 3coquettenola desserts are so innovative.

Bring us your tired, your hungry, your hungover... It's almost #Brunch time and there's #boudin noir

Chef Zak's new dessert is a thing of beauty! Coconut mousse, pineapple, orange, and rum