This is a sample menu only. Our menus change daily!


beef tartare egg yolk, potato chips, sour cream 13

sunchoke soup oysters, dill, nasturtium 13

gulf shrimp spanish chorizo, anson mills grits, fennel pollen 14

brisket sausage satsuma mustard, paradigm radish 13

yellowfin tuna crudo satsuma, miso, togarashi 15

smoked cobia spruce, strawberry, whey 13

smoked catfish dip broccoli, satsuma, black sesame 14

murder point oysters green strawberries, jalapeƱo, mint 12

half fried chicken calabrian chili, swiss chard 17


dry aged duck cabbage, lemon, puffed farro 27

gulf seafood root vegetables, saffron broth 28

red snapper salsify, parsley, pistachio, kale 32

chicken fried cauliflower grapefruit, olive, malt 20

poulet rouge swiss chard, smoked oyster aioli 25

5 Course Blind Tasting $70

Optional Wine Pairing $30

The blind tasting reflects what the chef wants to highlight that moment and is customized for guests. Full table participation is required.